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Beginners course – A1

Begginers, Let's start!


Learn the basics in 10 lessons. We will learn the verb ser and we will be able to describe things and people. Talk about your family and about the calendar and the hours.


Begginers, Let's move!


In these 13 lessons you will learn how to ask questions, some very important verbs as gustar or querer, and we will also understand the basic difference between ser and estar.

Begginers, Let's fly!


In this last part of the A1 level we will learn other important verbs like poder or tener, we will expand our vocabulary and see the super irregular verb ir.


Wherever you want

At home, on the train, or even at the beach, our method will be with you. You just need Internet connection.

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Do you have a small break, or the whole afternoon? Our 8 minute lessons will let you improve while preparing your trip or during it

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Our monthly plans will give you full access to all our lessons in the most economical way. From 10€  a month you decide your pace.

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Professional teachers

Our video lessons are personally designed and created by us. We offer all our experience and knowledge to pave the way for you on your new adventure.

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Fly Free! Our short and effective videos will be your best accessory, without schedules or complications.

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From day one you have access to all our teaching materials. 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week, all year long.

Affordable prices / Huge knowledge:

Learn Spanish from 10€ a month and decide how long you want to stay with us without a minimum membership period.

Agile Methods:

We will guide you through the best road! The intention of our programme is to encourage you to progress and make the journey as comfortable as possible.

Support plan:

We would love to travel with you!

We will be happy to help solve all your doubts we are just an email away.

What does Soy Guiris say about us?

Many Spanish students have decided already to be part of our family. Do you want to know how they are doing on their trip?

Giorgio - Italy

Soy Guiri has been perfect for me as I usually dont have time to go to a normal Spanish school. Ana is a great teacher and you can realize in her short and dinamic lessons. I recomend it! 

Britney - United States

I enjoy very much learning Spanish with Soy Guiri. It’s fun and easy to use. Thank you!!!

Guenda - Italy

I could study Spanish at home, with my pijama and at night. Clear lessons and fast feedback from Soy Guiri team. Great! 🙂

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