Say ‘hola’ to the real way to learn Spanish with our TickedTalk metodology

Guided path, follow our steps

If you do it, you will walk to the finish line without pressure. Speaking Spanish is not about memorizing an infinite list of grammar rules or knowing all the adverbs by heart. It’s about understanding and practicing.

Natural learning

We use a method based on natural learning, connecting image to sound and concept. You will learn the language without even realizing it.

Speak from day 1

As we did when we were kids, you learn to speak a language by speaking it. Our method is based on practical classes and conversations from day one.

What our students say about us

Soy Violetta y soy profesora de inglés 😊. I have been learning Spanish for about a year now. I found your school and I fell in love with it. You are a great teacher ❤. Keep it up!

Viola J.

The notes on your website are the best I ever found! Your school is just perfect, comparing to any other I have seen. It ‘s so on point! Your website, your videos and etc.
are sorted out amazingly! It’s so
appealing to the eye!

Liana A.

I signed up to your website and now I’m learning Spanish with you. I love it so much. I’m really bad at Spanish but I TOTALLY understand everything you say. This is amazing!!! Thank you for your great work. I’ll keep learning with you ❤!!

Alena K.

Speak in two months with our TickedTalk methodology

Short and intuitive videos

Learn what you need with videos only using the Spanish.

Speak form the first week

Practice what you are learning with our native teachers.

Follow our guided process

You know exactly what you need to do to keep learning.

25 min private

Get results very quickly with our lessons that get to the point.

What you need to know

Do you have any doubts?
We have compiled the most frequently asked questions.

What is the TickedTalk method?

Most of Spanish learners don’t find solutions that meet their expectations.
They struggle with their path and end up feeling frustrated.

Our method is based in flipped classroom methodology. Learn with short, simple and concise videos that cover a whole lesson. We connect mind with language by speaking from the very first moment.

What level do I need to start?

Our method is designed for all levels, from beginners to fluent speakers. Even if you have never studied Spanish before, you will be able to take advantage of the sessions.

Are there any plans for companies?

Yes! We have company plans with which you can train all your employees and unlock a potential market of more than 500 million Spanish speakers in the world.

What is the anti-procrastination policy?

The secret to learning a language is to never give up. That’s why we added an anti-procrastination clause. In a certain number of days, the course expires. It’s now or never. So you stay motivated to really learn.