Beginners course – A1

Begginers, Let's start!


Learn the basics in 10 lessons. We will learn the verb ser and we will be able to describe things and people. Talk about your family and about the calendar and the hours.


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In these 13 lessons you will learn how to ask questions, some very important verbs as gustar or querer, and we will also understand the basic difference between ser and estar.

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In this last part of the A1 level we will learn other important verbs like poder or tener, we will expand our vocabulary and see the super irregular verb ir.


Elementary course – A2

Elementary, Let's start!


With this course we begin level A2. We will learn to speak in the future with the verb ir. We will expand our vocabulary talking about food, drink, the doctor and the house. And much more…

Elementary, Let's move!


In these 10 lessons, we begin to talk in the past tens with the Pertérito Perfecto y el Préterito Indefinido. We will also see the difference between por and para, and new vocabulary.


Elementary, Let's fly!


In this last course of level A2 we will see the third type of past tens in Spanish, el Pretérito Imperfecto. We will also see the Futuro Simple and some types of conditional phases.


Intermediate course – B1

Intermediate, Let's start!


In this first part of the B1 of the course we are going to see the prepositions, we are going to deepen and emphasize our study of the past tenses. We will see all the irregular verbs of the P. Indefinido and more uses of the P. Imperfecto … Let’s start!