Who we are!

We make learning Spanish accesible and fun.

We are a young group of three women from southern Spain. What we have in common is a dream of making Spanish language accessible to all.

We realized many tourist in Spain wanted to learn Spanish, but they didn´t have enougth time or money, so we created Soy Guiri.

If you want to get to know us a little more, go ahead and read our story.

Do you want to know the story behind Soy Guiri?

Great, then… take a seat and get comfortable.

First let me introduce myself, I’m Ana and I’m the first member of this great team of women that made Soy Guiri possible.

The story of Soy Guiri is a love story with adventurous strokes, but above all love. Love for the family since the second member of the group is Angeles. She is my twin sister and without her unconditional support we wouldn´t have been here now. This story is also about self-love, let me show you why…

It all started with my issues to stay in the same job for more than 2 years. I have worked in different Spanish schools in Spain and outside Spain.

I love teaching Spanish and I consider that I have good relationships with my students and that they´re also happy with my work.

I always wanted to improve, I wanted to invent more competent measures, establish more personal relationships and make the classes more dynamic.

There were always limits to my new ideas and I felt like a bird in a cage.

This is when my dear sister Ángeles comes in. She is very logical, has a clear mind and she is very practical.

Seeing my frustration, she asked me one day: Why don´t you create your own online Spanish school? I will help you fund the project. Those words released an energy that still gives me strength to continue day by day.

That´s when our adventure started.

I created a structured and progressive program full of contents that would provide fun while learning Spanish.

There was a lot to do and I decided I needed help. That is when Pili came in. She is the most sympathetic, prepared Spanish teacher I know.

Pili works in different Spanish schools in Málaga. With many years of experience, she has helped us with her point of view to create all the contents of this didactic programme.

This is just the beginning of our story, there is a long journey ahead, with countless adventures. Do you want to join us?